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Natural calamity Relief

Details of quantum of Compensation payable in each type of cases.

In the G.O.R.D. 167 TNR 88, Dated 4-12-92 the definition of ‘Natural calamity‘ for the purpose of convenience is taken as flood, drought, accidental fire, electricity short -circuit, poisoning on account of contaminated water, gales, hail-storm, sea-erosion, river–erosion, earth-quakes, lightening, boat capsize due to storm etc.

Under this scheme those individual victims who are having the annual income below Rs.18000.00 are eligible to get the compensation, subject  to the fulfillment of the following conditions if the victim has applied within 4 months of the accident

  1.   Document showing the ownership of collapsed property.

  2.   Technical report in case of loss to Agriculture / Horticultural crops.

  3.   Joint inspection report of Tahsildars of concerned taluks & veterinary doctor regarding the determination of loss of livestock along with post-mortem report.

  4.   Police report in case of Accidental fire cases.

In case of loss of life the ex-gratia relief RS. 1.00 Lakh should be paid to the family of deceased, irrespective of number of persons who died in natural calamities without any ceiling of income and irrespective as to whether they were earning or non-earning member of the family after verifying the following documents.             

1. Death Certificate

2. Post mortem report

3. Family members certificate.

4. Un-natural death report.

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Details of quantum of Compensation payable in each type of cases.

Sl. No.

Type of cases

Quantum of compensation


Partially collapsed houses

50% of loss or Rs.5000-00 whichever is less


Fully collapsed houses

50 % loss or Rs.10000-00 whichever is less.


Personal belongings , Brick-kiln ,Petty shop, Fruit shop etc.

50 % of loss or Rs.3000-00



Rs.500-00 per hectare, max Rs.2000-00 per family.


Horticulture crops(tree plants)

Per each, yield giving tree Rs.100-00 and for plant Rs.50-00, max Rs.2000-00 per family.



Agriculture  Crops

Rs.500-00 per hectare, max.Rs.2000-00 per family.



 Cattle shed

50 % of loss or Rs.3000-00 whichever is less


Thrashed hay stock

For Ragi  hay stocks Rs.200-00 per tonne

For Paddy hay stocks  Rs. 100-00 per tonne


I.P.Set , Irrigation Well and Pump house

50% of loss or Rs.3000-00 whichever is less


Loss of limb or both the eyes

Rs.1000-00 per affected person


Loss of Substantial portion of land caused by land slides(i.e. not less than 20% of the holdings)

Rs.2000-00 per hectare, max Rs.5000-00 per family.

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Compensation to the victims of Hit and Run motor accident under Solatium Scheme

The Government of India through Motor vehicles (amendment) Act 1982, inserting a new section 109(A) to empower the Central Government to establish a fund to be known as the ‘Solatium Fund’ for the payment of compensation to the victims of Hit and Run motor accidents. The central Government formulated necessary scheme vide its Notification No.S.O.800 (E). This scheme has came into existence with effect from 1-10-1982.

Consequently, the Government of India in exercise of the power conferred by sub section (1) of the section 163 of the Motor vehicles Act 1988 (59 of 1988) re-notified the scheme. Vide no 440(E) and called it as ‘Solatium Scheme-1989 ‘. It has come into effect from 1989.

According to the above Notification Sub-Divisional Officers / Tahsildars are the claim enquiry officers and the Deputy Commissioner will be the claim settlement Commissioner. 

The victim should submit an application to the claim enquiry officer in prescribed format along with the following Documents, after the amendment made in 1994 time limitation has been dropped.

1. F.I.R.

2. Death Certificate ( in case of death )

3. Wound Certificate  / Post mortem report (As the case may be)

4. ‘ C ‘ Report accepted by the court.

After due verification the Deputy Commissioner will sanction the compensation as per the amendment made in 1994 to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988(W. E. F 14-11-1994) as below: -

a) A fixed sum of Rs. 25000-00 in respect of death of any person ( to the legal heir)

b)       A fixed sum of Rs. 12500-00 in respect of grievous hurt.

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Power of sanction

As per G.O.RD 511 TNR 93(II) DT. 6-12-93 The following Revenue officers are empowered to sanction the compensation in respect of partially collapsed houses.






Assistant Commissioner   



Deputy Commissioner     


In all the other cases mentioned above the power of sanction vest with the D.C.

Procurement of fodder fixation of rates of , for purchase

                 As per Government Order No.RD 394 TSY: 85. Dated 31-12-85 is as follows.

a) African Maize with corn in dry farm 

Rs.500-00 per metric tonne


African Maize without corn in dry farm.

Rs.450-00 per metric tonne


African Maize without (Green)

Rs.250-00 per metric tonne

d) Fodder jowar(Green) with ear head

Rs. 200-00 per metric tonne

e) Fodder Jowar(Dry)

Rs.400-00 per metric tonne

f) Green grass (Non-leguminous) 

Rs. 200-00 per metric tonne


Leguminous green fodder                       

Rs.400-00 per metric tonne



Rs. 300-00 per metric tonne


Paddy straw                                      

Rs. 200-00 per metric tonne


Ragi straw                                         

Rs. 400-00 per metric tonne


Pasture grass or Hill Grass dry          

Rs. 400-00 per metric tonne

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