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Conversion of Land

Re-grant of land

Regrant cases

Conversion of Agricultural  lands into non-agricultural purposes under section 95 of the KLR 1961

The applicant seeking  conversion shall file his application in Annexure – 1 in the office of the Tahsildar in duplicate along with the documents specified in the Annexure-1

The  Tahsildar shall forward a copy to the sanctioning Authority either to the A..C  in case of rural and Town limits of the Taluk  or to the Deputy Commissioner  in case of corporation limits and in the vicinity of  National Highways. He also verifies whether only the occupant of the land has applied for conversion and whether the proposed conversion will not defeat the provisions of  the Karnataka Land Reform Act etc.

After careful consideration of the case, the Tahsildar shall forward the application with his report and recommendation regarding conversion , to the sanctioning authority.

The Authority sanctioning conversion shall inspect the land to satisfy himself whether the diversion  does not cause any public nuisance and does not violate the existing provisions of the law.

If conversion is to be granted, then the applicant has to be issued a notice in Annexure-3 to pay the conversion fee as specified in rule 107 of KLR Rules within 15 days. After the payment, the DC/AC shall issue the conversion order in Annexure-5 and issue rejection order if the proposal is rejected.

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Regrant of land under section 6 of the Karnataka village officers Abolition Act 61.

Govt. in circular No RD 56 INM 97 dated 4-11-97, have provided an opportunity to Authorized holders under the Act to file their application for re-grant of land which   they are holding and directed to complete the re-grant proceedings within 31-12-90 , then the time was extended up to 30-6-99 and finally up to 31-12-2000.

The applicants who were holding Darcus lands have to file their application to the taluk concerned furnishing the details of holding and Tahsildar should enquire  and built up  record in addition to this, he should  also find out such cases in his  Taluk and has to send proposal to the A.C. of the sub-division for further action. The A.C. after conducting spot inspection  in each case has to send it to the Deputy Commissioner with his specific recommendations for re-grant in each case, then the Deputy Commissioner on the recommendations made by the A.C , will award  pension to regrant  in eligible cases, Accordingly, Tahsildar will issue Saguvali Chit after collecting the requisite fee.

So far  an extent of 1430.00 acres of land has been re-granted in respect of  220 cases in this District. 

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