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Important personalities of Mandya District

Persons who made outstanding contribution towards Literature, Culture and other fieldsFamous Personalities

1. Pu.Thi.Na

Pu.Thi.Na., a literary genius, was born to Shri Thirunarayana Iyengar and Sreerangamma as their first child in the year 1905 at Melkote . His ancestors had migrated from Tamilnadu(Thirruvaluri). He finished Primary education at Melkote  and acquired Sanskrit knowledge there. During his Higher education at Maharaja college, Mysore, Pu.Thi.Na. learnt French language. His important writings are ‘Ramachariya Nenapu’, ‘Ganesha Darshana (1955)’, ‘Rasasaraswathi (1954)’, ‘Aanathe (1958)’. A Group of Kannada poets felicitated him with a book ‘Yadugiri (1981) – Abinandana Grantha’. Pu.Thi.Na. was the Chair-person to 53rd  Kannada Sahithya Sammelana held at Chikkamagalore in 1981.


2. A.N. Murthy Rao.

Born on 16-06-1900, at Akkihebbal, K.R.Pet Taluk, A.N.Murthy Rao completed education upto middle standard at Akkihebbal, and got an M.A. from Mysore University. He served as English professor in different  colleges : Central college, Bangalore,  Maharaja’s college, Mysore, Acharya patashala, Bangalore and others. His book titled “ Chitragalu Patragalu” won the  Kannada Sahithya Academy  award. Apart from this, he  has written various books both in Kannada and English, among which, “Hagalu kanasu”, “Aleyuva mana”,  “Minugu Minchu”, “Sanje gannina hinnota  - Auto-biography, 'The  Return to the soil'   (Translation of Sri Shivaram  Karantha’s  “Marali Mannige”) are well acclaimed.

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3. B.M. Sri

B.M. Srikantaiah was born on 3rd January ,1884 at Sampigehalli. Popularly known as “Kanva Rushi”. His father was Bellur Mylaraiah and mother Bhagirathamma. He completed his  graduation in Bangalore Central  college and Post-Graduation in Mysore Maharani College. In 1907, he became a lecturer and later in 1926-30, he was working as Registrar of Mysore University . He was the Chair-Person at the 14th Kannada Sahithya Sammelana held at Kalburgi and the Vice-President of Kannada Sahithya Parishath during 1938-1942 . During the year 1944, he served as principal of Dharwad Arts College. He was Editor for “Kannada Nudi”. He was the Author of various books in Kannada and English. “Geethegalu(1922)”, “Gadayudda Natakam(1926)”,  “Aswatthama (1929)”, “Islam Samskruthi (1948)” , “History and Kannada literature (1947)” are his noted works.

4.E.S. Venkataramaiah

He was born in Manikanahalli village of Pandavapura Taluk on 19-12-1924. He completed B.A. in Maharaja College, Mysore. He did Law at Belgaum Law College and Poona Law College. He started his law practice at Bangalore in 1946. He became the Supreme Court Judge on 8-3-1979. He was also the Chief Justice of India during 25-11-1989 to 18-12-1989. He died on 24-9-1997.

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Prominent Backward Classes Leaders
1 Smt.Chikkalingamma   Ex-President, Congress (I), Mandya
2 Guruprasad Organiser, Dalith Sangharsha Samithi, Mandya Keragodu
3 Papaiah C K Secretary, Adi-Jambava Sangha Chikkaballi
4 Raju Social Worker Trustee, Sri Vishweshwaraiah Education Society, Mandya
5 Bhadrachala Murthy President, Taluk Panchayat, Mandya  


List of  Talented Sports  Persons felicitated by  the Mandya District Administration , on Independence Day 26-01-01 for their achievements. on Independence Day 26-01-01 for their achievements.

Sl. No

Name and Address



Vinodh K.N

C/o K.P.Ravi Kumar Kyathanahalli Kreeda Okkuta, Kyathanahalli, Pandavapura Taluk.

1.Won the first place in  13 t h  open National Kho-Kho Championship held on 3rd to 5th July 2000 at Calcutta.

2. Represented Mysore University in the All India Inter-University  Kho- Kho championship for Men which was held on 5-11-2000 at  Bhuvaneshwar and secured Second place.


Shabarish M.S

S/o M.D.Swamy,

No.2064, Subhash Nagar,

2nd cross, Mandya

1.Won the first place in  13 t h  open National Kho-Kho Championship held on 3-5 July 2000 at Calcutta.

2. Participated in 22nd Junior National Kho-Kho championship held at Sangrur, Punjab on 23-27 Nov, 2000 and secured Second place.


Smt. Puttamma,

Director of Physical Education,

Jawahar Navodaya Vidhyalaya, Shivara gudda, Maddur Taluk.

1. Won the first place in  both  Marathon  and 10 Kilometers Road-Race in   “11th  Asian Veteran Athletic Championship”  which was held at Bangalore during 6 – 10  November, 2000.

2. Won the First place in Marathon, 10 KM Road-Race and 5000M Run in the “22nd National Veteran Athletic Championship” held at Bhopal on 1-3 Oct, 2000.


Smt . Parvathi Kantharaj,

No.1262, 5 th  cross ,

Ashoka Nagar, Mandya.

1. Won the second place  both in  4 x 100M Relay and 4 x 400M Relay in “National Veteran Athletic Championship” which was held at Bhopal , on 23 - 30  September, 2000.

2. Won the Second Place in Hurdles in “International Asian Veteran Athletic Meet” held at Bangalore during 6-10 Nov, 2000.


Mamatha Shetty,

D/o Rathnakara Shetty, Sri Durga Parameshwari Refreshments, Bannur Road, Mandya

1. The only woman who represented India  and won the  Second place in Volley ball  Competition  which was held in Yukuths, Russia.

2. Participated in “National Super-league Volleyball Championship” held at Chennai, Tamilnadu on 16-21 Feb 2000 and secured third place.

3. Participated in National League Volleyball Preliminary Championship held at Gujarat on 1-6 Feb 2000.


H.B. Prasannakumar

S/O Boraiah H L 1684, 2nd Cross, Marigudi Road, Hosahalli, Mandya.

Won the first place in Kho-Kho in the “31st All India Rural Sports Meet” held at Bangalore from 16-19 Nov 2000.



Sudhindra Rao

C/O District Volley ball Association, Mandya

Won the First Place in “Sub-junior National Volleyball Championship” held at Hyderabad from 20-24 Nov, 2000.



C/O District Volleyball Association, Mandya

Won the First Place in “Sub-junior National Volleyball Championship” held at Hyderabad from 20-24 Nov, 2000.



C/O. M.Natarajan, Kho-Kho Coach, Mandya

Won the first place in  13 t h  open National Kho-Kho Championship held on 3-5 July 2000 at Calcutta.


Tejaswini K B

C/O. K.P.Ravikumar, Kyathanahalli Kreeda Okkuta, Kyathanahalli, Pandavapura Taluk.

Won the first place in Kho-Kho in “31st All India Rural Sports Meet” held at Bangalore from 16-19 Nov 2000.



Jagadish Chandra

Senior Kabbadi Player and Organiser, Amateur Kabaddi Association Mandya.

Represented Karnataka State twice as a State Player. 

Played 4 times for Mysore University and presently working as Officer in Land Bank.



Handicapped Player, No. 651, 12th Cross, Chamundeswari Nagar, Mandya.

Participated in International Events.

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Prominent Artists of Mandya District :

1.      Mr. Ambarish : Born in Doddarasinakere Village of Maddur Taluk. He belongs to the famous Violinist Sri.T.Chowdaiah’s family. He is a famous Film star and is presently serving  as Member of Parliament.

2.      Ms. Jayalalitha : Her origin is Melukote, she was a famous artist and is the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

3.      Ms.Vaijayanthimala : Hailing from Melukote, Ms Vaijayanthimala is from an Artist’s family, her mother being actress Sandhya. She is also a renowned “Bhartatha Natyam” dancer.

4.      Mr. H.L.N. Simha was from Marehalli village of Malavalli Taluk. Being a well known Film Director, he directed many movies and introduced a number of famous film personalities to the film industry.

5.      Mr. Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar, a famous film director from a village named Nagathihalli of Nagamangala Taluk.

6.      Mr. Yoga Narasihma, A Senior Drama artist of the district. This State award winner is also a Singer and writer of Drama songs.

7.      Mr. Mandya Ramesh : A youth artist trained in ‘Rangayana’, who established himself as a Stage performer and Film Actor.

8.      Mr. Thandavamurthy : Despite being blind, this great musician, born in Holalu village of Mandya Taluk, was honored with ‘Kalashri’ award. He is also the founder of Thandaveswara Music School.

9.      Mr. Mani Aiyer, a dance Teacher and the founder of ‘Nataraja Kalaniketana’,  he has been honored with ‘Kalashri’.

10.  Paapulu : Originally from Dakshina Kannada District. He is a senior Dance Master.

11.  P.V.R. : P.Venkata Ramaiah is a Senior Stage artist and Director. Many of the Dramas directed by him have been honored at State level.

12.  Mr. Kitti : Mr. Krishnamurthy from Nagamangala, is at present living in Bangalore and is commonly known as Mr.Kitti in the Film Industry. He made a good name in many serials of Television channels.

13.  Malavalli Sundaramma : A senior artist of the ‘Gubbi Company’, a famous professional drama company. She was the sister of the famous artist Mr.Subbanna of Malavalli.

14.  Ms. Mandyada Puttamma : A senior stage artist who had a good name in the Drama field.

15.  Mr. Nagarajashastri : A senior Drama Master, has given training to many of the artists and played numerous dramas. He is also a good musician, a Harmonium master commonly known as “Drama Master”.

16.  Mr. R.Sudarshan : He is a famous artist of Mridangam in the district. He has performed in and around the country.

17.  Mr. B.S.Ranga : Born in Bindiganavile, a famous Film Director who won acclaim for the film ‘Amara shilpi Jakanachari’ directed by him.

18.  Mr. Guruswamy, a renowned musician of Tabla who won the award of “Drama Academy”.

19.  Mr. C.G.K., Hailing from Mandya City, presently living in Bangalore, Famous Drama Director, English Lecturer, Ex-President of Karnataka Drama Academy.

20.  K.S.Sachidananda : He is the son of well known Politician Late Sri.K.V. Shankaregowda, born in Keelara Village of Mandya taluk. His father is a famous Writer, Artist. He formed the “Geleyara Balaga”, a group of Stage artists. He also got the Fellowship of 'Nataka Academy’.

21.  K.Prahlada Rao, A senior Drama Artist of Mandya district. He is an active worker of Mandya Dramatic Association.

22.  Mr.Nanjundegowda, a Famous Film Director from Nagamangala Taluk,  and one of the producers of the Suprabhatha TV Channel.

23.  Mr. Sheshadri, A well known musician of Mridangam. He is the brother of Famous Musician Sri. Veene Doreswamy Aiyangar.

24.  Mr. U.R.Narayanappa, Born in Kodiyala Village, he is a Musician, Famous Drama Master and he trained rural people on acting and played hundreds of Dramas.

25.  Mr. L.L.Shastri , youth singer from Mandya who is a National Award winner.

26.  Chethana Radhakrishna, a youth dancer running a Dance school “Gurudeva Lalithakala Academy”. He has performed good programmes across the state.

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Well known Folk Artists of Mandya District :

1.      Cheerkunnaiah : He is from Talagavadi Village, Malavalli Taluk. Right from childhood, he showed keen interest in the art of  Devotional Dance. He has established himself as a well known Artist for Devotional Dance and has performed this art in many National Festivals.

2.      Krishnegowda of Lakshmisagar : A popular singer in the district, he started learning folk songs from his parents during his childhood. He has performed in National festivals along with his group. He is also famous in singing of “Sobane” songs, so people call him as Sobane Krishnegowda.

3.      Mahadevappa : Born in Nagamangala, He started practicing “Veerabhadra” dance during his childhood and he has succeeded in giving a good performance in this form of art.

4.      Neelagara Mahadevaswamy : Born in Krishnapura, Resident of Malavalli, he is a good singer of “Neelagara”. He has made a good name in this special type of art called Neelagara. There are several volumes of cassette albums available in his voice.

5.      Mr. M.P.N. Ratnam : Born in Melukote of Pandavapura Taluk. A famous artist of Saxophone. He has entertained people with his attractive art, and performed thousands of programmes.

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Writers & Poets of Mandya District :




Books & Awards


Anusuya Shankar (Triveni)

(9/9/1928 – 29/7/1963)



Bekkina Kannu, Hoovu-Hannu, Hannele Chiguridaaga,     Apaswara, Vasanthagaana.



Aryaambha Pattabhi



Marali Goodige, Eradu Mukha, Kappu-Bilupu, Basavi


K.R.Krishnaswamy (Karakru)

Born : 20-4-1936

Kadabahalli, Nagamangala Taluk

Collection of Folk Songs – 25 Books.


Dr. Jayachandra (Dhavalasri)

Born : 30-1-1944


Jaanapada Kathamrutha Vol.-1, Vol-2, Vaddaradhaneyalli Stri


Dr. G.V.Dasegowda (GVD) M.A., Ph.D

Born : 20-11-1944

Guttalu, Mandya

Srujana Sahitya, Adarshada Hambala, Maulya Maapana, Tumbi Banditu,       Basavannanavara Vachanagalalli Maanaveeyathe, Sarvajna mattu

Janapada, Baduku Bareyitu, Hosa Hejje, Sambandha, Manoveene, Bharathiya Kavya Mimamse.

Ph.D Thesis : “Bandhu Marma – Ondu Adhyayana



(Pu. Thi. Na)

Born : 17-3-1905



Hamsa Damayanthi, Sathya Harishchandra, Ahalye, Eechalu marada kelage, Dhenuka Purana.


Awards : Pampa Award(1991) – Sri Hari Charitre.



Born on : 26-1-1915

Kikkeri, K.R.Pet Taluk

Mysoru Mallige, Iravatha, Shilalathe, Maneyinda Manege, Upavana, Tereda Baagilu


Awards : Pampa Award(1995) – Dundu Mallige



Harohalli, Pandavapura Taluk

Ajitha Purana Sangraha, Shabdamani Darpana, Kannada Sahitya Charitre, Sayibaba.


Award : Karnataka State Award



(Founder of Jaanapada Loka)


Eraganahalli, Nagamangala Taluk

Pravasi Kanda India, Sarojinidevi, Bettadinda Battalige, Ganagandharva, onneyinda Sonnege, Sobane Chikkammana Padagalu



S. Narayana Shetty


Hosaholalu, K.R.Pet Taluk

Naanya Yaatre, Magalavathi, Hridaya Samvada, Ejax, Ibbani Arathi,  Bharatha Kathamanjari, Parampare mattu Kuvempu.

“Yuga Sandhya” – a good book of him.


Dr. G.S.Paramashivaiah


Jeerige Halli, Nagamangala Taluk

Avara Nenedevu, Medarakallu mattu Ithara prabhandagalu, Janapada  Khanda Kavyagalu, Manteswamy Kavya, Dombidasara padagalu, Karune kannu tereye, Namma Janapada Sahitya, Kannada Ogatugalu, Kavalugara mattu Ithara Kathegalu, Janapada Tagnaru.



Born : 30-5-1945


Santhekasalagere, Mandya Taluk

Chitrangini, Gowrishankara, Tunturu



Halaguru, Malavalli Taluk

Mohaka Muttatti, Shadakshara devana Nenapu, Nammavaru, Rajara Habba, Rajashekhara vilasada Sowndarya




Born  : 2-5-1935         

Akki Hebbalu, K.R.Pet Taluk

Balkaniya Bandhugalu, Mantra Vidye, Vandhomitra


A.N.Murthy Rao

Born : 16-6-1900

Akki Hebbalu, K.R.Pet Taluk


Hagalu Ganasu, Aleyuva Mana, Ashadabhoothi, Shakespear

Awards : Pampa Award (1992) : Devaru



Hanumanahalli, Nagamangala Taluk

Yelahanka Prabhu, Kathabharathi, Karnataka Vyavasaya Paddathi, Jagattina Janapada kathegalu, Kempannagowdana Yakshagana Kavyagalu


Dr. Besagarahalli Ramanna

Born : 15-8-1940

Besagarahalli, Maddur Taluk

Kannambadi, Nelada Odalu


Dr. Ramegowda (Raga)

Eeregowdana Doddi, Maddur Taluk

Yathre, Raghavanka, Kavyanusheelana, Namma Gadegalu, Karnataka Janapada Kathegalu, Namma Ogatugalu


Rangaswamy Bhatta

Hemagiri, K.R.Pet Taluk

Huttida Halli, Halliya Haadu




Desahalli, Maddur Taluk

Prathapa Rudradeva, Pramilarjunaneeya, Seetha Swayamvara, Bhavani Baalu, Eechala Vana, Chamannapachandra Charitre, Kittura Rani, Valmiki Rushiya Charitre, Buddivanthara Kathe




Kavyanusheelana, Nalvaru Snehitharu, Nagannana Naatya



Keelara, Mandya Taluk


Paduka Kireeta, Koodi Balona, Shishtachara, Aparanji, Dani, Mahatma Gandhiya Antima Hanta.




Mahathma Gandhi (in Bhamini Shatpadi)

Awards : State Award


Siddegowda (Seethasutha)



Awards : State Award


Dr. Appaji Gowda S B

Sadolalu, Maddur Taluk

Jaathi Bitta Preethi, Dourbalya, Heegondu Baalu


D.Lingaiah, M.A.

Born : 16-12-1939

Peehalli, Srirangapatna Taluk

Badathanada Baalu, Kaavyaswadana, Antharangada Haadu, Aatike, Mannina Miditha.



Hemmanahalli, Maddur Taluk

Buddadeva, Murida Maduve, Nisargada, Madilu, Magala Mangalya


G.Venkatasubbaiah, MA.

Ganjam, Srirangapatna Taluk

Bashanthara Patagalu, Nayasena, Kannada Shasana, Parichaya, Akrura Chariteya Sangraha, Igo Kannada.

29 Thailur Venkatakrishna Thailur, Mandya Mandya jilleya Samskritika parampare, Agni Kunda, Sammelana, Rakhthabisheka, Mandya jilla sthala namagalu  and others.
30 Jagadish Koppa Koppa, Mandya Sirinadu


B.M.Srikantaiah, M.A. B.L.

Bellur, Nagamangala Taluk

English Geetegalu, Ashwathaman, Parasikaru, Kannadigarige Olleya Sahitya, Kannada Kaipidi

32 Prof.H.L.Keshavamurthy Heraganahalli, Nagamangala Taluk Neenyako Ninna Hangyako(Academy Award Winner), Ispeet Nyaya, Yangara ticket kodi and others.

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