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Contribution of Mandya towards Freedom Struggle

Prior to 1939, Mandya was a part of Mysore District. A vision of responsible Government in the state was engendered in the minds of the people of Mysore with the inauguration of the Mysore Representative Assembly in 1881, four years earlier to the birth of the Indian National Congress. Yet, the real struggle for freedom began only in 1921.

In the year 1927, when Gandhiji stayed in Karnataka for four months, several leaders from Mandya came under his influence and kindled the fire of freedom struggle among the people of Mandya. Prominent among them were :

H.K.Veeranna Gowda
Indval Honnayya
Honagana Halli Puttanna
Karadahalli Krishnappa Gowda
Kyathanahalli KapaniGowda
TirumaleGowda Shivapura
Malavalli Veerappa
Congress Subbayya
Veerakesari Seetaram Shastri

Progressive Movements

Irwin Canal Movement         

                Irwin Canal Movement, popularly called the ‘Agrarian Revolution’ is one of the noteworthy progressive movements in the historical events of Mandya district. After the construction of the K.R.S Dam the Princely State of Mysore, had decided to impose new taxes on farmer’s community for the recovery of the Government contribution along with the interest to be paid for non-payment of the contribution amount. It was really Crucial time to the farmers of Mandya District , along with spending money for the conversion of their land  to make suitable for Irrigation they had to pay the new taxes imposed by the government before getting the benefits of the irrigation facilities. Apart from this the Government was intended to implement the new Block system for the cultivation of crops as recommended by the agricultural scientist Lesley Colman, which was practically very difficult.

                 The leaders like Honagana Hall Puttana and Induvalu Honnaiah realised the problems of the farmers and they met Sri. H.K. Veeranna Gowda in his father-in-law’s residence narrating the difficulties the farmers has to face, if the new tax policy is imposed on them. In January 4, 1932 around 4000 farmers along with 100 Bullock Carts gathered in front of Attara Kacheri at Bangalore after their disciplined march starting from the village ‘Gejjalagere’ of Mandya district in the leadership of H.K. Veeranna Gowda. This disciplined and peaceful march very much impressed the then Dewan of Mysore and he assured the gathering near the Atthara Kacheri that the farmers have to pay the contribution amount in 10 annual installments without any interest, but if they failed to do so in a stipulated time, they have to pay the amount along with interest. This movement led to integration and awareness among the farmer’s community.

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Shivapura Satyagraha 

In 1938, at Shivpura, a village near Maddur railway station, a clarion call was given for starting a peaceful agitation to attain the goal of responsible government. On 10th, 11th and 12th of April 1938, the state Congressmen met at a convention here to chalk out a new programme. The Congress flag was about to be hoisted but government prohibited the hoisting. Several leaders were arrested.

Earlier to this political event, an agrarian agitation(Raithara Chaluvali) gave an added incentive to further political struggles. The raiyats of Vishveswariah canal region had been dissatisfied with the block irrigation system. A big jatha of 3000 to 4000 men marched on foot to Bangalore to ventilate their grievances to the Dewan. Mandya, Induval and other places in the district were centres to this Agrarian agitation.

Mysore Chalo Movement

  India got its independence on 15th August, 1947. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister. But Mysore kingdom was ruled by the Sri. Jayachamaraja Wodeyar. After the exit of British from India, Indian Kings declared themselves as independent rulers. In order to free the Mysore region  from dynastic rule the Mysore Chalo Movement was started which was headed by Sri. K. Hanumantaiah and Sri. K.C. Reddi. Many leaders of Mandya District supported this movement and there was a lot of support by the Villagers of Mandya District. Thousands of People marched towards Mysore. This led to a large gathering of people before the Mysore Palace. The then Personal Secretary of Maharaja of Mysore Mr.Tumbuchetti gave orders for arresting the people and their leader. This worsened the situation as it angered the people and the freedom fighters started shouting slogans against the rulers. Eventually all these led to release of the arrested leaders and peoples representative Government came into existence on  13-10-47 under the leadership of Sri. K.C. Reddi.

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                In 1952 Summer, Kolar and Tumkur district suffered seriously from severe drought, drinking water fodder and food grains scarcity hit a lot to the draught area. The leaders of Kolar and Tumkur  Mr. K.C. Reddi, Mr. K. Pattabiraman and Mr. Nagaiah Reddi requested people of Mandya to extended their helping hand to the draught suffered people. The leaders of Mandya Mr. K.V. Shankare Gowda and others published the message through hand bills allover the district, the farmers of Mandya learnt about the draught situation and extended their helping hand in a large extent, thousands of bullock carts loaded by fodder, paddy and other grains came to Mandya from all corners of the District. The huge amount of collection were dumped at Municipal High School area. The whole high school building filled with food grains, fodder etc., The excess food grains was put in the stadium also. Government of Karnataka requested Railway department to transfer the collected materials to draught area, the then revenue minister of Karnataka Mr. H. Siddaiah received the food grains on behalf of the Government. Mr. A.G. Bandi Gowda,, Mr. H.K. Veeranna Gowda, Mr. K.V. Shankare Gowda, Mr. K. Betta Shetty and others donated the collections on behalf of Mandya Farmers to the Government in a colorful function. The Governor of Karnataka His Highness Sri. Jaya Chamarajendra Wodeyar received the collected fodder and food grains at Kolar whole heartedly and distributed it, to the needy people of the draught area.

                In the opening ceremony held at Farmers Agricultural Producers Marketing Society building, the Governor of Karnataka appreciated the noble donation of Mandya farmers to drought areas. Whenever the natural calamities occur the farmers of Mandya extended the full co-operation to the needy, even today.

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Bandi Gowda A.G. (late)



Srirangapatna Tq.


Age 85 Years. Lawyer and public worker; participated in Civil disobedience movement 1939; r..i.  6months. fine Rs.50.  I/d 1 m . Mysore jail, participated in Quit India Movement 1942-43; detention 15 days Central jail, Bangalore. Participated in Mysore Chalo movement 1947 , Imprisonment  2 m , Central  Jail , Bangalore; was chairman, Mysore Sugar co., Mandya.


Bettasetty  K.

Asst. Secretary , Ryots Agricultural Co-Operative Marketing Society Ltd., Mandya

Born 19-5-1925; Clerk; Participated in Mysore Chalo movement 1947; detention 1 month. Mandya and Bangalore jails.


Bommegowda, M.K.  BA.,



Krishnarajapet   Tq.


Born 26-6-1915; agriculturist ; participated in Non-Co-operation movement , Quit India movement 1942, Mysore chalo movement 1947; Imprisonment  6 months Mysore jail; One of the organizers of youth congress in Mysore ; took active part in Adult Education movement; a Constructive worker; had been elected to the Mysore legislative Assembly from K.R. Pet constituency; was member , Krishnarajpet T.C.C and Mandya D.C.C


Bhat, Ananthram, H.V

Municipal Vice-President and Coffee Merchant, Mandya

Born 20-8-1909; participated in Mysore Chalo movement 1947; detention 1 month Mandya and Mysore jails.


Chandu. K.T

Garden House


Born 10-5-1931; Participated in Mysore freedom movement 1947; detention 45 days . Mandya jail.


Devegowda. S.M


Krishnarajpet Tq

Born 9-12-1926; peon; participated in Mysore chalo movement 1947; imprisonment 1 month, Srirangapatna lockup. 


Gundurao K.R.

Koppa village,

Maddur Tq

Born 5-8-1912; Tailor; participated in Salt Satyagraha 1930; Hamilton building  Satyagraha 1938; Mysore Chalo movement 1947; total imprisonment  6 months fine RS. 50.

i.d. 1 month, Mysore Jail.


Javarappa Gowda. P.N.



Born 9-6-1916 ; Journalist  and social worker; participated in Shivapura Flag Satyagraha 1938; Hamilton building Sathyagraha at Mysore 1938; Quit India Movement  1942; movement for responsible government in Mysore 1947; Total imprisonment  3 years 5 months. Mysore, Mandya, Bangalore and Shimoga Jails


Kodanda Ramaiah. G


Srirangapatna Tq

Weaver; participated in Mysore Chalo Movement 1947 ; imprisonment  1 month, Mysore Jail




Maddur Tq

Born 10-7-1916; participated in Quit India movement 1942 ; detention 22 days . Bangalore central Jail


Lingegowda. A.L

Chair man, Group Panchayat, Agasanapura , Malavalli Tq

Born 1929; took part in Quit India movement 1942  , movement for establishment of responsible government

In Mysore state 1947; detention 1 month. District lockup, Mandya; was president, Students Congress.


Madaiah. B


Taluk Office,


Born 25-8-1925, participated in Mysore freedom Struggle 1947;detentiion 29 days, Mandya Jail


Madappa Gowda.T.N


Nagamangala .

Born 2-12-1911 ,Thattekere;agriculturist and social worker;participated in Freedom Struggle 1938-39; r.i  2 months. Mysore Jail.


Madegowda A.C.

Saroja Nilaya,

Bannur Extention,


Born 1919, Arakere, Srirangtapatna Tq.; took part in Quit India Movement 1942; Mysore Chalo movement 1947; Total imprisonment 1 year 2 months 9 days Srirangapatna , Mysore , Mandya  and Bangalore jails.


Mahabala Rao.M.  B.A. ,L.L.B., Advocate,


Born 1900; lawyer; participated in individual Satyagrha 1940; r.i. 6months, fine Rs.200 i/d 3 m, r.i Mysore jail.


Mariyappa .T(Late)  B.A.,LL.B,


Nagamangala Tq.


Born 10-7-1905 ; lawyer and public worker ; one of the founder members of Mysore State congress ; Participated in all Freedom movements, Flag Sathya graha  1938 , Civil  Disobedience movement  1939 ; Quit India Movement 1942; Mysore Chalo movement 1947, detention  from 4-2-1942, Hassan jail; was president, Labour Association , K.R.Mills Mysore; was member, Old Mysore Representative Assembly and legislative Assembly and Legislative council ; Member, constituent Assembly; was Home  Minster in the first Congress Cabinet in Mysore 1947 –52; General Secretary, M.P.C.C 1953-55 ; Was Finance Minister from 1-11-1956 in New Mysore State.


Mari Setty. D,

Food Inspector,



Born 15-7-1926, Malavalli. Participated in Mysore Chalo movement 1947; detention 1 month. Mandya jail.


Maya Setty Gowda,

 S/o Javare Gowda,


Nagamangala Taluk..


Born 1913; Agriculturist; participated in Quit India Movement 1942. Detained 4 months, Bangalore jail.


Narasimhaiah P.N.

Nagamangala  Town.

Born 16-10-1912; cloth merchant; participated in Civil Disobedience movement 1939-40; Quit India Movement 1942; total imprisonment 6 months, Mysore and Bangalore jails.


Narasimhiah ,

S/o Thimmarayasettty,

Cloth merchant,

Pete , Malavalli.

Born 20-7-1926;  tailor; participated in Quit India Movement 1942 and Mysore Chalo Movement 1947; Detention 1 month, Mandya and  Bangalore jail.



L.M.P. Sarvodaya Clinic,

G.M. Street, Malavalli.

Born 7-2-1923 ; was a medical student at  Bangalore in 1942; when the military opened fire on a very big students  procession at Kempegowda  circle and many civilians were wounded during Quit India movement 1942, he rendered first aid to the wounded. Organised Satyagraha with the help of  the local leaders and students at Malavalli; he was arrested and detained for 3 months in Mysore jail; during detention there was lathi charge in Mysore jail; Many political  prisoner were seriously wounded; he helped the jail doctor, Dr.Mohamad ghouse , in rendering first aid to the injured and in stitching their wounds; participated in Mysore Chalo movement.


Puttaswamy B A

S/O Dodda Thamme Gowda,

President, Town Municipal Council, Mandya

Born 23-12-1928; Participated in Mysore Chalo Movement 1947, detention 35 days, Mandya and Bangalore Jails.


Radhakrishnaiah C V

Tailor, Chinya post


Tailor; Participated in Mysore Chalo Movement 1947; imprisonment  18 days; Mandya lock-up.


Ramashetty B

S/O S.R.Channashetty,

Bidarakote, Maddur Taluk

Born 1-1-1919; participated n Civil Disobedience Movement 1939; r.i. 6 months, fine Rs.50/- i/d 1 month – Mysore jail ; admitted to metal hospital  on 6-11-1939 and released on 11-1-1940.


Rangaiah M

Octroi Peon,

Town Municipal Office,


Born 15-9-1931; Shop Keeper; participated in Mysore Chalo Movement 1947; detention 1 month Mandya and Bangalore Jail.



S/O. Alasingachar


Pandavapura Taluk

Took part in Quit India Movement 1942; detention from 31-8-42; detention from 31-8-42; Central Jail, Bangalore


Seshaiah C B


Nagamangala Taluk

Cloth Merchant; participated in Mysore Chalo Movement 1947; detention 1 month, Mandya sub-jail.


Siddappa M J

Municipal Councilor


Born 8-3-1928; participated in Quit India Movement 1942; Mysore Chalo Movement 1947; detention 29 days, Mandya Jail.


Srinivasamurthy M R

Maddur Town

Born 25-5-1925; participated in Quit India Movement 1947; detention 28 days, Mandya sub-jail.



S/O Doddaputtananjaiah

Ganga Street,

Pete Malavalli Town.

Born 10-6-1906; Agriculturist; Participated in Quit India Movement; arrested and fined Rs.200; took part in movement for establishment of responsible government in Mysore 1947; imprisonment 1 month; Director Mandya Taluk Land Mortgage Co-operative Bank for 12 years. And of the Taluk Co-operative Society for 5 years; Member, Town Municipal Council, Mandya for 15 years; Secretary, Gangaparameswari Co-operative Society for 26 years.


Subbaraya Setty N K

Cloth Merchant,


Born 17-8-1908; Cloth Merchant; participated in Mysore Chalo Movement 1947; imprisonment 1 month, 4 days – District lock-up, Mandya.


Thimmegowda S K

Head Master, Govt.Primary Boys School, Murukanahalli post,

Krishnarajapet Taluk.

Born 5-1-1924; took part in Quit India Movement when he was a student in 1942; imprisonment 2 months fine Rs.100/- i/d 1 month, r.i. Srirangapatna and Mysore Jails.



S/O. Thimmashetty Gowda,

Gejjalagere, Mandya Taluk.

Born 1911; took part in Quit India Movement 1942; detention from 27-8-1947, Central Jail, Bangalore and Srirangapatna Jail.


Thirumale Gowda NT

A.Nagathihalli, Alisandra P.O.

Nagamangala Taluk.

Born 1910; participated in Salt Sathyagraha 1930, Bombay; imprisonment 4 months, Visapur Jail.


Thirumale Gowda. P

Landlord, Shivapura

Maddur Town.

Born 10-1-1905; Member of Mysore Congress since 1933; was Chairman, Reception Committee, Shivapura Congress Session 1938; was member, District Board 1940; under went imprisonment twice during Freedom Struggle 1942-47. Bangalore and Srirangapatna Jail; was member, Mysore Legislative Council from 1952.


Veeranna Gowda H K

Shoba Rajamahal Vilas Extension,


Born 1-5-1899, Garden House, Maddur; Journalist and Agriculturist; was Editor, Vokkaligara Patrike, Kannada Weekly 1927-28 and Chitradurga Kannada daily 1928-31; participating in Congress activities since 1936; organised First Mysore Rashtra Kuta in Shivapur, Maddur, in April 1938 where Mysore Congress was born; was one of the two General Secretaries; toured throughout the old Mysore State, carried on Congress propaganda, organised and established congress committee; his wife Smt. Thayamma Veeranna Gowda, also participated in these activities; disobeyed orders prohibiting entry into K.G.F. area 1939; participated in Quit India Movement 1942, Mysore Chalo Movement 1947; total imprisonment 2 years 4 months including 3 months hard labour in Bangalore, Mysore, Srirangapatna and Karohatti Camp Jails. Served as organising Secretary, Joint Secretary and General Secretary of Mysore Congress 1936 to 1946; was Vice-President, Maddur Municipal Council(1936-38); Member, Mysore District Board(1935-38); Mysore Representative Assembly(1936-38); Member, Mysore Constituent Assembly; President, Mysore Congress and Mysore Pradesh Congress 1952-53 and 1958-59; joined cabinet of Ministries, New Mysore State on 1-11-1956, held the portfolio of Public Works and Electricity, continued till 1958; was Chairman Reception Committee of the 65th Session of Indian National Congress held in Bangalore 1960.


Venkatchala Shetty

S/O. Kengashetty


Nagamangala Taluk

Born 1917; Agriculturist; participated in Quit India Movement 1942; detained from 8-9-1942 Bangalore and Srirangapatna Jails.


Visweswaraiah A N

Ashankara Park


Bangalore – 4.

Born 8-4-1908, Akkihebbal, Krishnarajpet Taluk; Merchant; participated in all states of Freedom Movement; mostly underground work; organised Charkha SanghBasavanagudi, Bangalore 1923, took part in Mysore Chalo Movement 1947 leading a batch, was arrested near Holenarasipur, detention 24 days, Sakaleshpur Lockup.


VykunteGowda Y

Yennehole Koppal

Kyathanahalli Post,

Pandavapura Taluk

Agriculturist; participated in Mysore Chalo Movement 1947; imprisonment 6 months, Srirangapatna lockup.


S C Mallaiah

The Maker of Mandya District

Somanahalli Chikkegowda Mallaiah was born in 1896 at Somanahalli, a small village in Maddur Taluk on Bangalore-Mysore Highway. His father Chikkegowda was a wealthy landlord and a member of Mysore Representative Assembly. Mr. S C Mallaiah entered the public life at an early age of 24 and was elected to the Mysore Representative Assembly. Mr.S.C.Mallaiah was a close friend of the then Dewan Sir.M.Mirza Ismail and the then Ruler of Mysore state Sri.Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar. It was the nature of Sir. M.Mirza Ismail to draw young, talented and service minded leaders towards him and to encourage and support them to take to social and public works. Mr.Mallaiah was one among them.



Head Master,

HPBS, Gejjalagere,

Maddur Taluk

Born 16-5-1926; participated in Mysore Chalo Movement 1947; detention 67 days, Mandya Jail.




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