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Guidelines for issue of all types of Ration Cards as per G.O. No. FCS/6/DRA/2000, Bangalore dated 1-2-2000


            There are three types of Ration Cards, namely Green, Saffron or Photo and White Cards.

             While the eligibility for all the ration cards is that the Applicant should be a bonafide resident of the state, for Green/Yellow cards the families should belong to the category of “Below Poverty Line” (BPL) and whose annual income shall not exceed Rs.6,400/- in rural  areas and Rs.11,850/- in urban areas.  Those families belonging to the category of “Above poverty Line” (APL) and who are not eligible for issue of Green Cards, but wanting the rations from the public Distribution System are eligible for Saffron cards in rural areas and Photo Cards in urban areas.  White cards are issued to the families who do not require rations under the Public Distribution System (Honorary).

            The existing system of Green Cards issued to BPL families will be replaced with Yellow Cards in the month of August 2001.  Among them, the families which belong to the poorest of the poor have been identified for issue of 25 kgs of food grains at the rate of Rs.3/- for Rice and Rs.2/- for wheat under “Anthyodaya Anna Yojane”  launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister.

             Application for issue of a new ration card should be submitted on a plain paper, hand written or typed neatly, containing all details as required and enclosing therein documents such as

(a) Three passport size photographs of the Applicant, 
(b) Proof of residence, 
(c) Surrender Certificate: Deletion Certificate issued by the competent authority if the applicant has moved from an other place in the past one year


In case no Surrender certificate as shown above could be produced, furnish complete address of the previous residence along with the year in which the applicant shifted to the present address.

 One has to submit these documents to the office of the Deputy Director of Food & Civil Supplies, Mandya if he/ she is a resident of Mandya Informal Rationing Area. Otherwise, submit it to the Tahsildar of the Taluk concerned if you are a resident of that taluk.

              Every application should be submitted by the applicant or the spouse.  Applications submitted by persons claiming to be social workers or any other third person shall not be accepted, and if accepted they shall not be processed for issue of cards.  Applications submitted in bundles or through Social Workers will be summarily rejected.  The applications received for ration cards are to be referred to the Food Inspectors for Verification and issue thereafter within a month positively.

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Procedure of issue of Duplicate Ration Card:

            Ration card holders in the event of loss, theft or burnt of their ration cards also could obtain a duplicate ration card if the same could not be traced out within one month after it’s loss by submitting applications, duly endorsed by the Fair Price Depot dealer, to the Deputy Director of the Tahsildar, as the case may be, by enclosing a passport size photograph of the applicant and a duplicate card will normally be issued within a week.  

Transfer of Card

            Likewise, in the event of the Card-holders shifting his/her residence within the District, the card could be transferred to the new place and if the place of residence happens to be outside the District, the card-holder will be issued a Surrender Certificate after surrendering it to the office so as to enable him/her to obtain a new ration card at the new place.

            So also if any member or members of the family move from the residence of the Card-holder he/she may obtain a Deletion Certificate so as  to enable such member or members of the family, to obtain a new ration card where they settle down.

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